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Kevin Drumm, Jason Lescalleet

The Abyss

Label: Erstwhile Records

Format: CDx2

Genre: Electronic

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The Abyss is an epic, dynamic statement that shows the wide range of sound these two esteemed artists are capable of creating. The lengthy list of instruments used, plus the year it took to assemble, gives an indication that there is a grander modus operandi at play here than the linear works that Kevin Drumm and Jason Lescalleet are known for. CD-1 is made up of seven pieces that run the gamut, with electronic crackle, digital shards of noise, piano mangle, and even dissonant brass clusters that wouldn't sound out of place in a Hermann Nitsch 'Aktion'. The second half of the disc is taken up by the title track, which lives up to its name. Over 34 minutes in length, cavernous drones ebb and flow in a way that recalls Drumm's more sedate work on Imperial Distortion and Tannenbaum.

CD-2 features a single 49-minute study that ranges from shrill electronic pitches ping-ponging around the stereo field to ominous atmospheric tone clouds to low-end rumble. It's near impossible to tell who contributed what here, even though the credits list the particular instruments played by Drumm or Lescalleet. Like the best artists do, they have surrendered their individuality for the greater good of the whole. The Abyss is a compelling summation of their talents. (Other Music)

Cat. number: erstwhile 073
Year: 2014

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