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Kevin Drumm

Humid Weather

Label: Bocian Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Exceptional Polish imprint, Bocian Records presents a necessary vinyl edition of Kevin Drumm's super limited 2012 release for Hospital Productions, "Dedicated to my least favorite thing in the world, humidity." Over two sides breaking down to three pieces, Drumm expresses his irritation through a mixture of field recordings and microtonal drones made in july/august 2012 and transposed with intercepted voice recordings from summer 1995 at Mosquito Net Studio, Chicago, Il. In 'Humid Weather' proper, the piece shifts from dynamic location sounds of a storm in full force, all tipping rain and crackling thunder, before abruptly switching to a lone ghostly peal and underlying bass presence threaded with just-out-of-earshot vocals and segueing back to the richer patina of textured field recordings. Flipside, 'Heat Stress' is a far more cranky, roiling piece of buckling bass shapes and burned-out, sodden motor sounds that gives way to a longer, denser, agitated tract of noise embedded with traces of crying children and prickly, scuttling distortion entitled, 'Humidity Can Suck It' (Boomkat)

Cat. number: BCKD3
Year: 2013

Limited to 300 copies

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