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Kevin Drumm

Phantom jerk

Label: Bocian Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Here’s a newie from notorious noise terrorist Kevin Drumm. The press release just says “Kevin Drumm: modular analogue synth”, while the sleeve isn’t much more forthcoming, telling me the artist, title, label name and another snippet of information: “6 oscillators, recorded July 2013”.

Compared to some of his brutally distorted sonic assaults, this is a surprisingly tranquil serene album, with slow-drifting synth drones rubbing sonorously against one another in a ghostly shimmer that’s part Deathprod, part Eliane Radigue, the details so drawn out as to reveal the very grain of the sound, hovering over the minute buzz and hiss of his analogue machinery as man and machine ooze blackly along in softly layered rumbles and screeches that range from sinister discordant foreboding to throbbing angelic resonance as they drift weightlessly along in subtly shifting shapes.

It’s not until the lengthy closer that we get a real taste of Drumm’s more anarchic sensibilities with a piercing discord building glassily over some subtle earth’s-core throbs. (Norman records)

Cat. number: BCKD4
Year: 2014

red or black vinyl version. 

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