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La Noche del Anhídrido - excerpt 1

Funeral Souvenir

La Noche del Anhídrido (LP)

Label: Verlag System

Format: LP

In stock

Funeral Souvenir’s La Noche del Anhídrido is an Spanish cult electronic masterpiece recorded by Miguel A. Ruiz (Orfeón Gagarin) in the '80S, now issued for first time on 180 gram virgin vinyl.
In addition to the tracks featured on the original release, the album also includes as a bonus the tracks featured on some obscure German compilations at the time, and comes with a free download code of the digital version, an antistatic inner sleeve, and an insert with original material and info about the release printed on heavy paper. All tracks were remastered from the original tape.

"La Noche del Anhídrido was recorded in 1987 and initially released in cassette format C-30. A work of industrial environments with rhythmic touches voice treatment and above all some icy metallic effects (to call them somehow) that imbue the whole album and give it timelessness. This work could be introduced today as a scoop of Miguel A. Ruiz and nobody would notice that 32 years have passed since this artist conceived it. This is the merit of the great sound artists, who know how to make their work remain beyond time, space and dimensions. A privilege for our minds." - Josep Maria Soler Solá. September 2019. Stahlfabrik / Wet Dreams
Cat. number: VS019
Year: 2020
Genre: Electronic