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Armaghedon - 1
Armaghedon - excerpt
Armaghedon - excerpt
Armaghedon - excerpt

Maurizio Bianchi

Armaghedon (LP)


* Edition of 310. Initial copies come with an exclusive MB original Polaroid photo from the time * The original soundtrack for M.B.'s unfinished film of same name. For obscure reasons, the original LP remained unavailable for a long time, and was distributed only one year after it was printed. Moreover, most of the copies were destroyed. This was M.B.'s last vinyl production, and also the only one featuring recordings of the artist's voice like most of Maurizio Bianchi's fascinating works, Armaghedon is turned to noisy, long minimal sonic dreamscapes, including physical addictive sounds. Maurizio Bianchi explores sound intensity, somnambulism and "insolit monotony". Try to imagine something between "Phaedra" most intellectual, hallucinatory sequences, the destructive, destructured sounds of Whitehouse and the sacred electronic music of Ramon Sender. The album is divided into two parts, but actually it features one long epic title, starting in an ocean of abstract sounds to finish into madness, acting like a saturation on the neurophysical system (extreme superpositions of noises, linear notes, echoes, collage and deep voices). A real laboratory of dark experimentations, hyper-stimulations of sounds and irregular forms. An incredible musical seance, a must for those who want to experiment extreme sensorial attacks and sonic driving.

When I first came across the term Armaghedon in the early 1980s, my mind was haunted by the specter of an imminent apocalypse and so the idea of ​​naming my latest work on vinyl crossed my experimenting mind and penetrated the heart of the sound investigation. But when I later learned the real meaning of this term which derives from the ancient Hebrew "Har Maghedòn" ("Mount of Megiddo") and above all its intrinsic modulatory meaning, I was happy to share this message of hope for the future, so that the word Armaghedon must never again be synonymous with decadent destruction but rather with the ascending restoration of a new world system governed by the Theocratic Kingdom, for the benefit of all followers who consider Armaghedon as the definitive neuronal liberation.


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