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L’Ossessa (Enter The Devil) (1974) - 1
L’Ossessa (Enter The Devil) (1974) -2
L’Ossessa (Enter The Devil) (1974) -3

Marcello Giombini


Label: Digitmovies

Format: CD

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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In process of stocking. Digitmovies release, for the first time as a complete edition on CD, Marcello Giombini's soundtrack for the horror film Enter The Devil ("L'Ossessa") (1974). Giombini (1928-2003) experimented with symphonic music, electronic music and also religious music with a rock beat during his career. For cinema he wrote numerous soundtracks including the well-known ones from the Sabata trilogy of spaghetti westerns, for the cult horror film Antropophagus (1980) and the main score for the Italo-German science fiction film Mission Stardust (1967). For the present CD the mono master tapes (with the exception of two tracks in stereo) from the original recording session were used. The composer wrote an experimental electronic soundtrack with gloomy and dramatic passages as well as female voices for the satanic litanies and demonic sabbaths. The evil atmosphere is broken up by enjoyable pieces such as a samba and the recurring "Tema dell'ossessa", an extremely lyrical and sad motif. Edition of 300.

Marcello Giombini was a composer of secular music and film music as well as being interested in electronic music. Marcello Giombini establish himself especially in the 60's and the 70's as satisfy and creative maker in the renewal of the religious music also in liturgical area. He was also composer of many soundtrack for movies, especially of genre “Spaghetti western” and he was a "pioneer" in Italy of the electronic music.

Cat. number: DGST040
Year: 2015

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