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Pino Donaggio

Corruzione al Palazzo di Giustizia (LP)

Label: Btf - VM

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Born Giuseppe Donaggio in Venice, Italy, on October 24, 1941, he was the product of a family of musicians, and began studying violin at the age
of ten; during the second half of the '50s and all of the following decade, he wrote songs both for other performers and for his solo records, even participating to various editions of the Sanremo Festival. He started writing scores for films in 1973 with "Don't Look Now" ("A Venezia... un dicembre rosso shocking", already released as VMLP210 for the Record Store Day 2018), with the following "Corruzione al palazzo di giustizia" (also known as "Smiling Maniacs") being his second effort as a soundtrack composer.

Pino Donaggio is great in creating romantically laced cues that are played alongside dramatic sounding compositions. This score was written in 1974, before the composer had really established his 'sound', but nevertheless the music has great character and contains some interesting orchestrations and arrangements. Strangely, many collectors of Italian film music often forget or side step the Donaggio's work, which combines traditional Italian sounding motifs and musical passages with his own compositions and arrangements, creating a rewarding and at times amusing listen.

This soundtrack has never been reprinted on vinyl since 1974 until today and this edition, with a new artwork, it's the first LP reissue ever!
Cat. number: VMLP222
Year: 2019

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