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Central Unit

Label: Btf - VM

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Back together a few years ago, after a silence that lasted about 20 years, Central Unit were a unique case in the Italian scene of the ‘80s. Coming from Bologna and active during the years of the so-called 'post-new wave', the group did not take long to get noticed by the press and television, due to the release of the EP debut "Loving Machinery" and a self-titled LP.
Since the beginning it was clear that Central Unit would not settle on the small Italian scene, given the international scope of their proposal: new wave, electronic, a pinch of jazz and improvisation, for an almost entirely instrumental music in which the rhythmic component dominates everything. Several journalists at the time realized the high potential of the group and stressed it in their reviews, which unfortunately remained largely unheard. This reissue of the LP "Central Unit" on Vinyl Magic label is the first one ever, in tribute to one of the most creative Italian bands of the last century.

Cat. number: VM156LP
Year: 2013

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