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Evan Caminiti

Autoscopy OST (Tape)

Label: Dust Editions

Format: Tape

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Shadowy cinematic doom-synth weirdness from Barn Owl drone dude Evan Caminiti. If Sunn O))) recorded an album at the GRM studios we'd imagine it wouldn't be far from this... Drone veteran Evan Caminiti recorded "Autoscopy" using the grand Serge modular at EMS in Stockholm and managed to eke out low-end drones so thick they'll turn your stomach. It's truly ominous, deeply unsettling material, put together for London filmmaker Claes Nordwall's "Autoscopy", a short film about a young man's hallucinatory voyage in an abandoned floatation tank. This makes sense to us: the sounds are just psychedelic enough to inspire the kind of reaction you'd hope would accompany this kind of source material without ever relying on tired soundtrack tropes.

Caminiti takes his years of experience with ambient music, psych rock and drone and channels it into a short selection of cues that aren't afraid to experiment with form, but never lose that all-important sense of cinematic grandeur. The Serge synthesizer's thick, brassy wobble is fleshed out with glassy wavering electric guitar scrapes, dissonance layered on top of an epic wall of sub. It's so fitting given the subject matter: dark and foreboding, isolating and unsettling, but never without beauty. 

Cat. number: -
Year: 2021

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