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Armaghedon - excerpt

Maurizio Bianchi


Label: Hot Releases

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Noise

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Ultra limited LP re-edition, handsigned most of Maurizio Bianchi's fascinating works, "Armaghedon" is turned to noisy, long minimal sonic dreamscapes, including physical addictive sounds. In this early effort written for a non released experimental movie, Maurizio Bianchi explores sound intensity, somnambulism and "insolit monotony". Try to imagine something between "Phaedra" most intellectual, hallucinatory sequences, the destructive, destructured sounds of Whitehouse and the sacred electronic music of Ramon Sender. The album is divided into two parts, but actually it features one long epic title, starting in an ocean of abstract sounds to finish into madness, acting like a saturation on the neurophysical system (extreme superpositions of noises, linear notes, echoes, collage and deep voices). A real laboratory of dark experimentations, hyper-stimulations of sounds and irregular forms. An incredible musical seance, a must for those who want to experiment extreme sensorial attacks and sonic driving. Amazingly awesome release!!!!
Cat. number: HOT-10
Year: 2009
ltd 300 copies

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