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Mutation For A Continuity

Label: Alga Marghen

Format: CDbox 5xCDs

Genre: Noise

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Long oop, few copies in stock. Very few are aware of the beginning of Maurizio Bianchi's adventures? Before starting the complex and compelling production of many records and tapes in the early eighties under the M.B. trademark, Maurizio Bianchi was documenting the new music scene writing essays and reviews for independent magazines. It was August 1979 in Milan, Italy and his sound was strengthening when he felt the time had come to prove his desire for something new. So he started his first solo project, under the name Sacher-pelz. He assembled a concrete equipment -- the endurance of M.B. had started. During the following few months four C60 magnetic tapes were created 'Cainus' (August/September 1979), 'Venus' (October/November 1979), 'Cease to Exist' (December 1979/January 1980) and 'Velours' (February/March 1980), a couple of copies for friends, never getting an official distribution. Surely a very private moment but still the first and only production at that time in Italy to go beyond the TG movement, the direct reference. Ees'T records got into possession of the original masters and decided this was the right moment to let those obscure sonorities see the night light. The tapes were remastered for a more powerful digital sound featured in this four CD boxset including the original graphics and liner notes as well as a new visionary essay, written expressly for this edition. After a long research in the archives spread around the Italian territories a few more documents were found (the original presentation text titled 'Sacher-pelz: mutation for a continuity', a collage titled 'Pure art for crime people', more graphics and reviews) and they are also included here. Edition of 480 copies.

Cat. number: MART 001/4
Year: 2007

Reissue of Sacher-Pelz cassettes (see artist page):

CD1 - Cainus (August/September 1979)
CD2 - Venus (October/November 1979)
CD3 - Cease To Exist (December 1979/January 1980)
CD4 - Velours (February/March 1980 - without Nilehpro track)

Comes in boxed set with posters/inserts.

Edition of 480 copies.

"Pure art for crime people"

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