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Label: Menstrualrecordings

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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M.B. : Theocratictronics, spiritual sound effects, intangible pictures. Recorded during the month of Tishiri, in the year of 6039 A.M.  Decicated to the genial german writer Stephan Kraus (1963 - 201?). Appreciative thanks fo Pharmakustik for his modular structures applied during the period 2005/2014. New Sacher Pelz album !!  Brand new album by Maurizio Bianchi that under his early moniker Sacher Pelz presents us a very meditative and deeply atmospheric work. Instead of concrete Sacher Pelz noises we are faced here with haunting minimal ambient electronics. An excellent album by a very inspired Maurizio Bianchi. CD with original M.B. artwork. Hand assembled CD sleeve. Each CD sleeve is professionally printed and has a different cover picture image! 
All 100 images were selected from medical books.
Also all CD inner sleeves are signed by Maurizio Bianchi / M.B.!
Numbered edition of 100. 

Cat. number: LH69
Year: 2016

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