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Kevin Drumm

Wrong intersection

Label: Handmade Birds

Format: CD

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It can be hard to describe what distinguishes a really good noise record from an average one, but Drumm makes it easy for us. The question that all improvisers have to answer is whether something you play once can be worth listening to more than once. Experience and forethought ease the answer toward yes, and Drumm has both at his command.' Pitchfork
'Kevin Drumm's outstanding Imperial Distortion is undoubtedly one of the finest experimental tomes to emerge over the last decade. It reframed the then noise-mired Hospital Productions label and was a startling about-turn for Drumm too, who up until this point was known pretty much exclusively for making eardrum-ripping noise in the vein of his pioneering Mego stand-out Sheer Hellish Miasma.' (FACT Magazine)
'Even at its most chaotic, Kevin Drumm's music usually belies a sense of intentionality, a feeling of controlled purpose no matter the severity of the storm. It's one of the things that sets him apart: I've heard fans talk of Drumm as the most 'musical' of noisemakers, or a man who can do more with a few carefully sculpted sounds than most could do with a million.' (Dusted)

Cat. number: HB073
Year: 2014

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