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Diagonal Flying - excerpt

Rolf Gehlhaar

Diagonal Flying


Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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1994 CD release, with some incredible early 70 (1973-1975) recording for Cello And Tape Delay (or Trombone and tape delay)... Gehlhaar is a pretty interesting cat ... long Stockhausen’s personal assistant he blossomed into a composer in his own right in the early 70’s and proceeded to experiment with “computer controlled interactive musical environment(s)” and the sort of computer-free tape-delay manipulation studies as featured on this disc ...(Mimaroglu)
In this extended composition, veteran avant-garde trombonist James Fulkerson … unabashedly revels in post-modern tonality … Much of this is predictable, much is interesting, and some is beautiful. --American Record Guide

Cat. number: KTC 1177
Year: 2014

Recorded Jan/Feb 1981 at Darlington College of the Arts, Totnes, Devon, UK.
Composed as part of a project which was instigated by the choreographer Rosemary Butcher with composer Jim Fulkerson and visual artist Jon Groom.

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