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Dispositions Furtives

Label: Col Legno

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Through the open sound portals created by his compatriot Castiglioni, the Italian pianist Alfonso Alberti first entered col legno's World of New Music; on his second album, he dedicates his sensitive and brilliant musicality to Gérard Pesson's fragile and puzzling fabrics of sound. A selection of piano pieces has been compiled in a joint effort by the pianist and the French composer; in his interpretations Alberti lets us catch glimpses of musical structures as though they were glittering just underneath the water's surface or shining through the clouds. Down in the depths of the sound matter we find traces of musical traditions, coming back to life for brief moments in Pesson's compositional reflections and impulses. A piano album perceptively hinting at possibilities to recall fading memories and lost times at the touch of a key. We can read the transparency of Gerard Pesson's music as an indication of the fragility of things and of reality. The image of clouds evoked by Pesson in his composition "Speech of clouds", is of particular significance. Soft and intangible matter, capable of getting a shade closer to solidity only through the ability of approximating our senses.

Cat. number: WWE 1CD 20285
Year: 2009