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Samy Moussa


Label: Col Legno

Format: CD

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Upon first listening there can already be no doubt: music is for Samy Moussa a matter of personal expression and direct, bodily experience. The physical dimension of his compositions presents itself undistorted, in its overwhelming power and sonic quality. Something else also becomes immediately clear: that someone is reaching into the sound forcefully and emphatically, that he aims to overwhelm, to overpower, even to assault. Samy Moussa values the energetic, virile gesture, he would rather his listener be riveted than merely touched. This preference is also reflected in how Samy Moussa’s compositional attention is directed primarily toward larger formations such as the orchestra or larger chamber ensembles. Only with such a greatly differentiated instrument can he realize his musical intentions, which he also obtains through his experience as a conductor.

Cat. number: WWE 1CD 40409
Year: 2015

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