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Distant Radio Transmission - excerpt 1
Distant Radio Transmission - excerpt 2
Distant Radio Transmission - excerpt 3
Distant Radio Transmission - excerpt 4
File under: ContemporaryJazzy

Roscoe Mitchell, Ostravaska Banda

Distant Radio Transmission (LP)

Label: Wide Hive Records

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Distant Radio Transmission was recorded as an improvisation by Roscoe Mitchell, Craig Taborn, and Kikanju Baku in 2013 and released as the third composition on Roscoe Mitchell Conversations. It was then transcribed by Stephen P. Harvey, in 2016, with further Transcription and Orchestration of air sounds for Strings by John Ivers, in 2017. Finally, it was fully Orchestrated by Roscoe Mitchell in 2017 and recorded live at the festival Ostrava Days 2017 in Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

"Distant Radio Transmission is a whirling, appealing open palette full of textures and gradations. Mitchell understands the language of each instrument and he uses that knowledge to craft rhythmically interesting dialogs unburdened by fixed tempos and restricting structures. It's Mitchell's best work since Bells For The South Side (ECM, 2017), and highly recommended." - All About Jazz

Called part of the ‘American Iconoclast’ by the New York Times, Roscoe Mitchell has forged a lifetime of truly free music and has lead an inspirational life as composer, musician, and teacher. Currently Emeritus Chair of Composition at Mills College, a position once held by esteemed composer Darius Milhaud, Roscoe’s past is abundant with art and musical achievement and awards. His work with the A.E.C. the A.A.C.M are the majority of his recorded music, but he has also toured and performed with many of the greatest names of Jazz.

File under: ContemporaryJazzy
Cat. number: WH-0348
Year: 2020

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