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Divine Music for Sleeping + Field 1987


Format: + booklet

Genre: Electronic

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Grim is one of the primal projects in the history and the realms of Industrial Music in Japan. Originally founded in early 80's as a solo moniker by Jun Konagaya, one half of the founding member for WHITE HOSPITAL, as well as a mastermind of the label Eskimo Records.

"Divine Music for Sleeping + Field 1987" features the best kept secret material on 10 tracks in total, strictly selected from two cassettes "Divine Music For Sleeping" and "Field 1987" both contains initially released on Eskimo Records in 1987 confidentially; All material/moments has never appeared in public before.

This archival album is a solid condensate of naked live recordings performed with some participants played full of junk metal percussion in various unconventional situations; The most distinctive dokument of Grim tribe.

All music written, recorded, mixed and performed by Jun Konagaya. Rightly remastered for this cassette edition specially from the original master tape by Lily Vice at Sacred Lust Studio.
Original artwork and a draft of layout by Jun Konagaya. Xerography and final layout by Lily Vice.
Professionally duplicated Chrome Extra tape; The ultimate quality TYPE II/high-bias tape. 
Comes with b/w xerox 5 panel heavy card stock and professionally b/w printed & bound 12 pages A5 size booklet.
Strictly limited to 200 copies.

Cat. number: LV#017
Year: 2014

Limited to 200 copies, professionally duplicated on Chrome Extra Type II/high-bias tapes. Includes a black-and-white xerox 12-page A5 booklet, professionally printed and bound on 5-panel heavy cardstock. Compilation of live and studio material recorded between 1983 and 1986. Tracks B1, B2 and B4 were recorded in 1983. Tracks A1, A2 and A7 were recorded in 1984. Track B3 was recorded in 1985. Tracks A3 to A6 were recorded in 1986. 

Originally released on Eskimo Records in 1987.

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