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Dome - To Walk,To Run

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best of 2019


Dome 4 (LP)

Label: Editions Mego

Format: LP

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With the demise of the group Wire in 1980, founder members Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis joined forces to create Dome. With the assistance of engineer Eric Radcliffe and his Blackwing Studio Dome took the ethic of "using the studio as a compositional tool" and recorded and released three Dome albums on their own label in the space of 12 months: Dome (July, 1980), Dome 2 (October, 1980), and Dome 3 (October 1981). A final fourth album, Will You Speak This Word: Dome 4 was released on the Norwegian Uniton label in May 1983. These albums represent some of the most beautifully stark and above all timeless exercises in studio experimentation from early 1980s alternative music scene. Personnel: G. Lewis and B.C. Gilbert - instruments, voices, production; Vincent Clarke - voice, Fairlight computer synthesizer, track 1; Deborah Danahay - voice, track 1; David Drinkwater - violin, track 1; Terrence Leach - saxophones tracks 1, 3, 4, and 6; Eric Radcliffe - engineer. Previously issued in the out-of-print Dome 1-4+5 box set in 2011. Floating-point re-master by Russell Haswell, August 2011. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering by Rashad Becker, August 2011. New artwork by Dave Coppenhall. Includes download card.
Cat. number: DOME04
Year: 2019
Genre: Electronic