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Sandy Bull

E Pluribus Unum

Label: Vanguard

Format: CD

Genre: Folk

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a pure mantra: blending North African and Middle Eastern textures within a western context into our experience, regrettably the experience of a small few, but hopefully a wider community of listeners to come. Not only important historically, but musically: a wide range of music genres over the last couple of decades have worked with drone-note principles and it is an increasingly common device, but Sandy Bull was/is a superlative master of utilising the drone sounds;understated but effective in creating sounds that vibrate and resonate within ones being in mesmeric meditative flow. Bull's trippiest, most adventurous excursion, it's occupied by two extended guitar pieces that utilize some seriously psychedelic-sounding effects to achieve a wide variety of textures and moods. The second track, 'Electric Blend,' can presumably be seen as a sequel to the acoustic 'Blend' from Bull's debut album."
Cat. number: VMD 6513CD
Year: 2010

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