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Martin Kornberger, Volker Kuhn


Label: Orbeatize

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Nice ambient/minimal reissue from the good folks at the Italian label Orbeatize. The duo of Martin Kornberger and Volker Kuhn put out two lone cassette tapes back in the 80s that all but vanished from the public eye bar a few hardcore collectors of the era. The music sits somewhere between post-kraut German synth and the electronic fourth world excursions of Per Tjernberg. Drifting piano and basic drum machine patterns also recall the work of Paki & Visnadi, the new age stylings of Pauline Anna Strom and many other greats. Top stuff all round and a welcome addition to any collection of this ilk.

Cat. number: ORB-02
Year: 2017

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