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Silver Apples


Label: Rotorelief

Format: Deluxe A5 Digipak CD

Genre: Psych

In stock


** New edition + new mastering of 1968 album in deluxe A5 Digipak (DVD Format)** Rotorelief present a reissue of Silver Apples' second album Contact, originally released in 1969. Their first, metallic cover gets first nod amongst collectors, but the 1969 follow-up might be even better as a whole: you can't get over "I Have Known Love,"or "Ruby" sounding like archetype of the Stereolab sound, and yes in fact it was sampled by the band on their debut album. If those two credits don't stress the importance of this sound, check the epic "Water" or "Confusion" which predates the whole folky indie rock set by a couple decades.
"Aside from Simeon's use of a banjo on a couple of tracks, the music on Contact does not differ from that of their debut. One aspect improved upon was the lyrics; many possess the same 'cosmic' element found on Silver Apples, but others are full of bitterness, pain, paranoia, and confusion. In turn, the lead oscillator is used to greater effect, reflecting this newfound intensity. Simeon, who composed the text for five of Contact's ten songs (he framed one song on Silver Apples, 'Dancing Gods'), was largely responsible for this change." --Bart Bealmear, AllMusic

Cat. number: ROTOR056CD
Year: 2019

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