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Alessandra Novaga

Fassbinder Wunderkammer

Label: Setola di Maiale

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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From the words of Alessandra Novaga: "This record is about R.W. Fassbinder and his Cinema. Fassbinder has been an extremely prolific auteur creating close to forty films in the course of 36 year of a dramatically intense life characterized by nearly superhuman activity and a desperate search for affirmation and acceptance. In his films, he took on different genres, from the gangster movie, to a brave examination of the Nazi period still too recent for the Germans, to a more bourgeois cinema in which he cast a light unto human relations, which he regarded as characterized by bullying, psychological violence, a desperate need for love. The music for all of his films was composed by Peer Raben and it adheres so closely to the atmospheres of Fassbinder’s cinema that I always think of the two men as a single person. After years of turning around this idea, finally here’s a record in which coexist many different energies and forms. It collects arrangements of some of Peer Raben’s wonderful themes, which have been my main source of inspiration, and sets about a journey through the many identities Fassbinder was able to embody with his unique voice."

Cat. number: SM3190 LP
Year: 2017

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