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Luigi Archetti


Label: UNIT

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Within the four-tenth-hasty Suite FEBRUARY von Luigi Archetti the individual musical-acoustic events seem to have out-pulled in individual sound-pure from the being silent background. Looking for, a "Hinhoeren" and emphasizing hidden, electrifying sound particle. The attempt is to be given to the shade of the music a voice. Klangliche atmospheres through-cross feeling and conception. Fourteen ephemeren sound places, arranges for the listener a music, which reciprocates between imagination, expectation, longing and memory. It develops for cinema in the ear. Sound-pure, all together with the e-guitar and various similar equipment, are arranged in layers by means of digitization, redefined and composed. A Sedimentierung of sounding occurences is focused, until a finely vibrating sound fabric develops, which poetic nuancierte itself by Expressivitaet, density and filigrane, moments distinguishes. The principle of the reduction, like also the development of the materialness of the sound, form the kompositorischen starting point for the fourteen pieces of FEBRUARY.
Cat. number: UTR4165
Year: 2006