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Luigi Archetti

Transient Places

Label: UNIT

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Music in the here and now. An event in an everyday situation. A connecting link between actual occurrences and the deepest depths of one's inner world. A balancing act between total control and the inexplicable. An acoustic journey through the present. 
It is with his ears that Luigi Archetti journeys into the guitar's pick-up, to the limits of the audible. He hears, listens and gathers until he has a whole depot of sounds at his disposal, which he then processes by structured planning or by unpremeditated layering.Through digital re-mastering various elements like E-guitar sounds recorded live, string trio sounds and analytical sound worlds are brought together. 
The resulting music is one which organizes itself in a sequence of interwoven sounds and pauses, alternating between iconic and iconoclastic moments, at the same time referential and confusing. These are sound-scapes in the present and in memory. 
Sound – the language and the material of sound – is what Archetti is interested in. He focuses and crystallizes a quiet listening to the sounds and provokes a listening into oneself, an experiencing of pure sound existence. This is a letting-oneself-be-carried-by-the-music experience; without drifting off, with only a mere hint of the spaces deep within oneself, the spaces of one's memories, of longing, of sorrow or joy. 
This music is as real as it is metaphysical. The music – its very presence – is continuously questioned. It drifts along, one cannot hold on to it. One moment it is here and in the next it is suddenly gone. 
An interaction between permanence and transience – this is Luigi Archetti's new album: TRANSIENT PLACES.
Cat. number: UTR 4154
Year: 2004