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Fourth Sensation

Fourth Sensation

Label: Cinedelic

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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First ever reissue of the sought after album Fourth Sensation, originally released in 1970. The band was formed by Ares Tavolazzi (I Giganti, Area) - who later was an active session musician as well as being a leading figure in the Italian jazz scene, accompanying Gil Evans, Steve Lacy, Max Roach, Lee Konitz, Phil Woods and many others - on guitar, Ellade Bandini on drums, keyboardist Vince Tempera - who, a few years later formed the progressive supergroup Il Volo with Mario Lavezzi and Alberto Radius and, in the late '70s, composed a myriad of memorable TV and Cartoon themes - and Angelo Vaggi on bass.

Musically, the project is precisely within the context of the year it was released, which coincided in Italy with the decline of the Beat and the advent of the Underground and Psychedelic movements; in the Italian scene it inaugurated a trend of records of this type such as The Underground Set (1970), Blue Phantom "Distortions" (1971), Psycheground Group (1971), Chimenti “Droga" (1972) and others, still objects of worship by collectors worldwide.
The composers of the songs are known to Library Music lovers, namely they are Stefano Torossi, Giuliano Sorgini, Massimo Catalano and Sandro Brugnolini. Musically it is undeniable the technical skill of the 4 interpreters in the 10 tracks here, all curiously titled with the names of women, they are alternately a mix of acid blues, soul jazz, funk and psychedelia, with the Hammond organ of Tempera in the foreground.
Cat. number: CNPL 806
Year: 2017

400 copies

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