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Ghost of dAdA - Excerpt 1
Ghost of dAdA - Excerpt 2
Ghost of dAdA - Excerpt 3
Ghost of dAdA - Excerpt 4

Ross Scott-Buccleuch, Sigrtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Andrew Sharpley

Ghost of dAdA

Label: Test Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

Preorder: To be released in mid/late May 2021

** Edition of 100 ** Test Recordings presents Ghost of dAdA by Ross Scott-Buccleuch, Sigrtryggur Berg Sigmarsson and Andrew Sharpley. Previously issued july 2020 as Chocolate Monk CD 481. Ross Scott-Buccleuch asked Andrew Sharpley to edit his solo record for him. He sent over a lot of files, some DIY circuit bent improvising, some tape stuff, recordings of rugby club toilets, overt dregs of blank weather, streams, train stations, drones, all kinds of audio gunk & goof that he was supposed to edit into some kind of shape. Lasting streaks of veer. At the same time, he had a plan since last year to make a collage record with Siggtrygur Berg Sigmarsson, who sent over a lot of vocal improvisations and audio glitches. Sudden guest. Tongues well and truly bit. These two folders were sitting next to each other on his desktop for a month, and mysteriously they began to leak into each other. When is a door not a jar? When it's a door. So it has ended up being a trio record, preserving the integrity of the original material as well as being fairly freehand, with a casual and light quality. Today ear. Tomorrow gone. Play by it. A chance meeting that was perhaps inevitable.

Cat. number: 13
Year: 2021

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