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    Art Ensemble Of Chicago

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    Label: CABIN

    Format: CD

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    One of the rarest Art Ensemble albums ever -- an obscure recording issued only briefly by the equally obscure Calloway Records in France. The set's got a spare, moody feel to it -- and seems to use a bit more stringed instruments than on some of the group's other recordings -- especially on the longer track "Dance ", which matches the usual basswork of Malachi Favors with some additional violin or cello stylings, possibly performed by the rest of the group -- although the cover's not much on notes. The other shorter tunes on the album have the playful feel of some of the group's other French work -- with reed work that's nicely occupied with tone, color, and shape. Titles include "Hello Chi", "From St Louis", "Fly Wyth Honey Hee", and "From Bengali
    Cat. number: 2005006-X2
    Year: 2008
    Genre: Jazz