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Grają Chopina - excerpt 1

Male Instrumenty

Grają Chopina (Book + CD)

Label: Wydawnictwo Format

Format: Book + CD

Genre: Compositional

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Małe Instrumenty (Small Instruments) are a band exploring new sounds using a wide array of small instruments. The instruments used in their sonic experiments feature an ever expanding array of professional instruments, sound toys made for children or naive in nature, strange musical inventions as well as a whole array of small items that aren't really instruments but do make a sound. The music created in this way reveals unique colours of sound sometimes beautiful and fine, sometimes surprising and insightful, sometimes exposing the incomplete nature of the sound created and allowing ears to feast on this restriction. All this means that the band is constantly faced with the need to look for new creative solutions.

The group was started by Pawel Romanczuk in 2006, other members are Tomasz Orszulak, Jędrzej Kuziela, Iwona Sztucka and Magdalena Nekanda-Trepka. In July 2007 the band made its debut at Era New Horizons Film Festival in Wroclaw / Poland and has since worked on many music projects under the name of Male Instrumenty. The group has collaborated with many prominent art organizations and artists in Poland and Europe. The band has also perfomed at many festivals and recorded music for films, broadcasts, audiobooks, etc.

"Contemporary music does not scare you, if you are not afraid to open to sound. The book and the album "Small Instruments play Chopin" show that by entering the world of sound experiments - no matter how old you are - each time you give yourself the opportunity to discover what is still unknown and experience new sensations. The key is toy piano - a surprising object, still a toy, and at the same time a serious instrument used by contemporary musicians and composers. It is small pianos and pianos, in a considerable number of twenty different pieces, that resound on the album of the Small Instruments group, which played Chopin's songs in such an innovative and revealing way like no one before. The instrument is also the hero of the book - the world's first presentation of the musical culture of toy piano, which is also a casual guide to the space of the experiment in contemporary music. Playing toys and meticulous text complement each other perfectly. Small instruments are small things of great importance. Surrealists, black jazz masters and avant-garde visionaries reminded us of this. And besides, how well you listen to them! " - Rafał Księżyk

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Year: 2010

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