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Greetings from the Bitter End

Label: Kaya Kaya Records

Format: 12''

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They say Tomaga, spellcheck insists Tomato. Whatever you call them, Tomaga’s Tom Relleen and Valentina Magaletti (Raime) tread their own path with Greetings From The Bitter End; a ruggedly churning session featuring one new track from the duo backed with A Perspective With No End and respective remixes from $hit & $hine and Cavern Of Antimatter (Holger Zapf & Steroelab’s Dilworth/Gane). On Greetings From The Bitter End, Valentina knuckles out hard, rasping drums under a Tom’s coruscating electronics, loosely calving off into what sounds like an oncoming horde of hoofed toffs tooting bugles on the hunt for tiny foxes, then reeling fro Valentina’s ricocheting hits. On the $hit & $hine version Craig Clouse dials down the noise, jabbing the groove with cattle prod stings and slurred strings. Flipside, Valentina’s drums swagger with devilish style around Tom’s free-jazz/psych elaborations in the exclusive Liberating Mania, and the Stereolab-related Cavern of Antimatter pelt for the middle-distance with an authentically ‘60s-sounding version of Gonda’s Dream.


Cat. number: KKT009
Year: 2017
Genre: Electronic