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Memory In Vivo Exposure (Lp)

Label: Hands In The Dark

Format: LP

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Memory In Vivo Exposure presents maverick percussionist Valentina Magaletti (Raime, UUUU) and her bandmate Tom Relleen at their most dextrous in four pieces ranging from a superb meld of Afro-Reichian phrasing and location recordings in the 2-part title cut, thru to busted post-punk knocks on The Inexorable Sadness of Pencils, and back to rhythmelodic hypnotism with Il Fiume Di Ferro. “London band Tomaga are back with their fourth release under the Hands in the Dark banner: Memory in Vivo Exposure. The EP consists of four original tracks and yet another new musical evolution for the duo. Whilst they still use complex layering and harmonic polyrhythms in developing their original approach, this time the sonic tales they have shared are much more cinematic and dreamlike. These visions are locked up into emotionally charged loops to convey the sensation of a dream in which half remembered things become new zones of feeling.”

Cat. number: HITD037
Year: 2017