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Destroy All Monsters

Grow Live Monsters

Label: MVD

Format: DVD

Genre: Rock

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Legendary 1970s Midwest avant-garde explosion of music & film finally on DVD.Grow Live Monsters is a selection from short home-made no-budget 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film fantasies made between 1971-1976. Most of the films revolved around a group of friends and the wall of noise they would create in basement cellars and in live performance. This was Destroy All Monsters, one of the most avant-garde "bands" of all time. Featuring artists Niagra, Jim Shaw, Corey Loren and Mike Kelley, Destroy All Monsters is like nothing else. Ever. Psychedelic meets noise meets high and low brow art in a Midwestern blender. Say goodbye to your retinas.

Cat. number: DR 4568DVD
Year: 2010