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Destroy All Monsters

Hungry for Death: Destroy All Monsters


Format: BOOK + CD

Genre: Sound Art

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restocked - Hungry for Death: Destroy All Monsters" is a catalog published by Boston University on the occasion of the Hungry for Death /Destroy All Monsters exhibition held at the Boston University Art Gallery November 15-December 22nd, 2011. The emphasis of the catalog is on the music of DAM.
An introductory essay by Byron Coley describes his experience with the band and his role in bringing out the release of the boxed set “Destroy All Monsters 1974-1976”. Brandon W. Joseph’s essay “The Hippie Apocalypse” places the music of DAM within the context of the politics and excesses of their time. An illustrated discography was compiled by Cary Loren within a timeline of personal notes. Images from flyers, posters, journals, banners and photographs bookend the written texts in the middle of the book.
Bound inside the back of the catalog is a 32 track, 74 minute CD of previously unreleased DAM music titled "Get Out of My Bedroom! -a mix tape", the CD includes demos, practice tapes and live performances from all time periods of the band. Musicians playing on the CD include: Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, Cary Loren, Niagara, Ben Miller, Laurence Miller, Ron Asheton, Michael Davis, Rob King, and Roger Miller. The book is 76 pages, 6x9”, illustrated in full color, 1000 copies were published by Boston University & The End is Here.
Cat. number: B006M0N2YI
Year: 2011