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Gulf Between Us

Label: Soleilmoon

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Muslimgauze are easily the most prolific electronics outfit on the experimental underground scene. And while they release CDs in bunches, Muslimgauze's output never sinks below absolutely brilliant. The basic formula is relatively simple: lift some Arabic street music, sample it, loop it, attach a small explosive, and detonate. The result: an incredibly rich pastiche of wind-blown, dubbed-out trance music that is at once edgy but calm, aggressive but soothing. "Gulf" is a peaceful, laconic 20-minute meditation that simultaneously compresses and expands time with soothing sound washes and lightly tapping beats that lull and suggest rather than rush about. A gorgeous example of Muslimgauze at their very best.
Cat. number: SOL 49 CD
Year: 1997