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H\'Art Songs


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Moondog's fanbase seems to be righteously on the up nowadays, with reissue after reissue re-illuminating his singularly out-there musical genius. This is a stranger album than most however: on this one Moondog sings. Yes, this is possibly the only entry into the blind Viking impersonator/singer/songwriter sub genre. Inevitably, it's really good. Even though this album (recorded in 1969, incidentally) reduces the composer's ordinarily expanded palette to little more than voice and piano, there's still something instantly identifiable about H'Art Songs. A preoccupation with minimalism and repetition are big in Moondog's agenda, never more so than on 'Enough About Human Rights', which sounds oddly like a Beta Band song. As with everything else here it marries a sense of compositional economy with an instinct for forming melodic hooks. Entirely unconventional, but a fascinating insight into another side of Moondog's writing... - Boomkat

Cat. number: kd330160cd
Year: 2008

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