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Human Egg - excerpt 1
Human Egg - excerpt 2

Human Egg

Human Egg (LP)

Label: Favorite Recordings

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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A super-obscure freaky fuzzy club music from the legendary Jean-Pierre Massiera – a weird and wild blend of funky rhythms, spacey electronics, and some of the most mindblowing production you'll ever hear! The grooves are plenty tight, but also stretch out nicely to the sky, too – almost taking on a proggish tinge at points, but without any jamming – just a bit of majesty on some of the vocals, and a strong, powerful lead on some of the fuzzy guitars! This earth-friendly version tells the story of the legendary French producer, a bizarre blend of Joe Meek and Giorgio Moroder, recording from his cockpit of a studio in Antibes, France
Cat. number: FVR050
Year: 2019

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