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Gazelle Twin

I Feel Blood/Exorcise (ACE 236 Series) (Lp)


Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Gazelle Twin were originally invited as part of the Supersonic Festival 2015 curation of the Moog Sound Lab satellite sessions at Birmingham City University. The Twin returned to the lab during its residency later that year at London's Ace Hotel for a consecutive six-day session in August, invited artists Moog'd, wined, dined, slept, and dreamt in room 236. On tap 24/7 -- the entire Moog Sound Lab, along with a Brion Gysin's Dream Machine and a small library of associated books and user manuals. Here Gazelle Twin re-made/re-modeled, recorded, and filmed new versions of two of their favorite tracks.
Cat. number: RDM 113LP
Year: 2018

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