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Best of 2018
Locations Processed - excerpt 1
Locations Processed - excerpt 2
Locations Processed - excerpt 3
Best of 2018

Chris Watson

Locations, Processed (Blue TB7 Series) LP


Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Chris Watson, originally the keyboard player of Cabaret Voltaire, then a sound recordist for Tyne Tees Television and founder member of The Hafler Trio, is now perhaps best known for his BAFTA-winning location recording for David Attenborough, Birdwatch, Tweet Of The Day, and range of BBC Radio programs. Here, Chris creates an all new sound journey in honor of Bob Moog via a series of his own location recordings, subtlety processed through The Moog Sound Lab's System 55. Almost a return to the principles that birthed Cabaret Voltaire's earliest experiments.
Cat. number: RDM 106LP
Year: 2018