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Sébastien Roux, Seth CLUETT

Inevitable Music #1: Variations on Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #26

Label: Future Audio Graphics

Format: LP

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Future Audio Graphics is pleased to announce Inevitable Music #1: Variations on Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #260, composer Sébastien Roux's investigation of Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #260, with a commissioned essay from artist and composer, Seth Cluett and featuring the work of conceptual artist Sol LeWitt (1928-2007). Inevitable Music #1 is the first collection in a series of compositions from Roux dedicated to the conceptual processes of LeWitt's seminal wall drawings, which LeWitt began to produce in the late 1960s. Inevitable Music #1 is a collection of sonic translations of Sol LeWitt's WD #260, employing a group of discrete digital and analog sounds (sustained/pulsed sine tone, sawtooth wave, voice, etc.) that each correspond to one of 20 shapes used in creating LeWitt's instructional wall drawing. Once assigned, these discrete sounds combine to create elegant and rigorous compositions that encourage the listener to reconsider LeWitt's notion that 'the idea becomes a machine that makes the art.' As a further nod to the instructional nature of LeWitt's practice, each variation is preceded by a female voice that announces the particular combination of sounds used to create the composition. As Seth Cluett remarks in his essay for this release, 'The result of Roux's mapping of line drawing instructions onto auditory raw materials... creates a productive tension between listening and material, process and narrative, and ultimately between the elapsed experience of time and the successive filling of auditory space.'"

Cat. number: FAG 003
Year: 2014

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