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Jacopo - Plays Benassi - excerpt 1
Jacopo - Plays Benassi - excerpt 2
Jacopo - Plays Benassi - excerpt 3

Jacopo Benassi

Jacopo Plays Benassi (12")

Label: Jacopo

Format: 12"

Genre: Electronic

In stock

**white vinyl, includes booklet** "Jacopo Plays Benassi is a performance where the photographer plays his body with radio-controlled microphones then samples them. At the same time, he takes photographs projected on a wall in real-time. The inner need to produce sounds not knowing how to play any instrument comes from the work realized in his former club, BTOMIC, where he met underground artists from all over the world. The album that comes from this work was created in collaboration with two great Berlin artists, Khan of Finland and Jochen Arbeit, who produced two remixes. The work is divided into two parts, A side and B side, with the original sound and the two remixes. A fanzine with photographs taken during the performance can be found inside the album."
Cat. number: JACOPO001
Year: 2019

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