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Best of 2021

Kinkaleri, Jacopo Benassi

Once More (White LP)

Label: Xong

Series: Xong Collection

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

In stock

Xing presents the first release of the XONG series: the artist record Once More by Kinkaleri performance group and the photographer and artist Jacopo Benassi. The release is on white vinyl, in a limited and numbered edition, and it comes with a 24-page booklet with photos by Jacopo Benassi.

** Edition of 150 White Vinyl. Including a 24-page b/w booklet with photos by Jacopo Benassi ** Once More is a performance developing two subjects in a continuous confrontation without brakes. It presents itself as a concert/display where body, sound, word and live photo are unpredictable elements of its composition. Light, dark and image are stratified as a rhythmic score within a circular vortex in which, what the body produces is subtracted in favor of a unique performative movement. The inscrutable eye of the camera, in its mechanical subjectivity, records the contours of what happens, redefining its perception. Once More is ecstasy and freedom. Its sound is a raw and true mix of punk, noise, hardcore and other elements of underground culture and, subliminally, a touch of ironic melancholy.

Xong is the name of the new collection produced by Xing, a vinyl-only record label of works by both Italian and international personalities linked to the variegated worlds of live performativity. The collection explores a geography of artists who present this sonic field as a platform to expand their staged worlds. "The space of the record" is given focus and amplifies their poetics as both a sonic and physical phenomenon. Xong is a unique project that draws out divergent understandings of the performative and live arts, beyond genre and intersecting between different practices. Xong collects a series of original creations that constitute an expanded program. Each physical record is a numbered edition on white vinyl hosting the solidification of the gesture. A wave upon wave, a series of "Music-Non-Music" to actualize both the artists and listeners imagination. Xing is a cultural organization based in Bologna, Italy, operating with the purpose of planning, supporting and promoting products and events characterized by an interdisciplinary approach toward the issues of contemporary culture.

Kinkaleri was founded in 1995 in Florence, Italy. Kinkaleri operates between performance, experimental theatre, movement research, visual productions, sound materials and installations, "looking for a language not on the basis of a style but directly in the evidence of an object". In the span of twenty years, the group's interdisciplinary and dynamic nature has consolidated a unique creative line with recognition of excellence in the scene of contemporary performing arts in Italy and abroad. The works of the company has been shown in theatres, contemporary art museums, dance and theatre festivals, galleries, including: Triennale Teatro dell’Arte, Milan; Teatro Metastasio and Teatro Fabbricone, Prato; Sophiensaele and KunstHalle Deutsche Bank, Berlin; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Kaaitheater and KunstenFESTIVALdesArts, Bruxelles; Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Pecci, Prato; Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisboa; Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo; Oriental Pioneer Theatre, Beijing; Mercat de les flors, Barcelona; La Batie Festival, Geneve; Xing, Bologna; Festival di Santarcangelo; Dance Biennial, Venice; Villa Romana, Florence; MAXXI, Rome. Among the most important creations: Doom (1996), 1.9cc GLX (1998), My love for you will never die (2001), WEST (2003-2006), I Cenci/Spettacolo (2004), Nerone (2006), Wanted (2007), THE HUNGRY MARCH SHOW / Between a carrot and I (2007) / Yes Sir! (2008), Alcuni giorni sono migliori di altri (2008), Ascesa & Caduta (2010) / I AM THAT AM I (2010), Hit Parade (2011/2017), All! (2012-2017), Trilogia Puccini: Nessun Dorma (2010) / Butterfly (2015) / I love You TOSCA (2018), No Title Yet (2017), I’M OK (2017), OTTO (2003/2018), Once More (2020), Otello (2020-21). Books: All for All! (bruno, 2018), Kinkaleri. La scena esausta (Ubulibri, 2008). Since 2001 Kinkaleri has its headquarters in Prato at spazioK. Since 2013 the spazioK is a regional residence centre developing artistic paths in different fields of creation for young generations. spazioK is also the place of is it my world? and Body To Be, two series of events on performance and dance. The group is currently formed by Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni, Gina Monaco.

Jacopo Benassi (La Spezia, 1970), photographer and artist, lives and works in La Spezia, Italy. Over the years he developed a distinct style marked by a lack of depth of field and flash that has become a signature, a stylistic limit that Benassi imposes on himself to arrive at a raw and unmediated photography. The subjects photographed are highly disparate, ranging from the humanity that inhabits the underground and international music scene (starting with the experience of the Btomic club, managed by the photographer himself with some friends) to portraits of models, actresses, artists and designers published in the most important Italian magazines, up to the investigation of the body, ranging from self-portrait to sexual encounters to ancient statuary. Benassi is also occasionally a performer and musician. His experimentation on performance is always linked to music and is mediated by the photographic image, the subject and object of his research. Recent solo exhibitions: PAST (2021) at the Francesca Minini Gallery in Milan, Vuoto (2020) at the Centro Pecci Prato, CRACK (2019) double exhibition at CAMERA - Italian Center for Photography in Turin and at the European Photography Festival in Reggio Emilia, and Bologna Portraits (2019) at Palazzo Bentivoglio in Bologna. He exhibited for FotoGrafia - International Festival of Rome (2009), Vade retro. Art and homosexuality, from von Gloeden to Pierre et Gilles (2007) at the Palazzina Reale in Florence, Aphotography (2005) at the Changing Role gallery in Naples, Artissima (2006-2007) in Turin. He has collaborated with directors and writers such as Paolo Sorrentino, Daniele Ciprì, Asia Argento and Maurizio Maggiani, and with the artistic director Federico Pepe (on COCO, a music and video art project and on publications by Le Dictateur). In 2011 he opened Talkinass - Paper and Records and produced magazines and live CDs by artists from the underground scene. Active in self-publishing, he has produced his own limited edition publications and a magazine edited in real time at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. He has taken part in events including No Soul for Sale (2010) at the Tate Modern in London, curated by Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni. In collaboration with some of the protagonists of the Italian performance and visual scene, he created performative and photographic displays based on the practice of Live Shooting, like No Title Yet (2017) and Once More (2020) with Kinkaleri, and Rollers (2019) with Sissi. The 1861 United Agency published a monumental monograph: The Ecology of Image (2009). Benassi also published the photographic books FAGS (NERO, 2020), Dying in Venice (bruno, 2015), Bologna Portraits (Damiani, 2019), Mis Q Lee (Quinlan, 2018), The irrelevant aspects (Mondadori, 2016) with Paolo Sorrentino. He released the records Once More (Xing, 2021) with Kinkaleri, and Benassi plays Benassi (2019), sound and photographic documentation of his body, with remixes of Khan of Finland and Jochen Arbeit. He has collaborated with several magazines in Italy and abroad: Rolling Stone, GQ, Wired Italia, Wired U.S.A, Riders, 11 Freunde, and Crush Fanzine, Dapper Dan, Vice, Almaviva / Le Figaro, Gioia, Purple fr.

Cat. number: XX01
Year: 2021

Performers Jacopo Benassi, Marco Mazzoni. laptop Massimo Conti. Performance production Kinkaleri/KLm. Recorded by Area-Francesco Frosini at Centro Pecci Prato mixed and mastered by Tobia Bandini, Pasquale Savignano photo by Jacopo Benassi. Artwork by Xing. Printed by Elettroformati Milan.