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Just One Night

Label: Dekorder

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock

Tu m’ is a duo from Città Sant' Angelo, a small village in central Italy. Emiliano Romanelli and Rossano Polidoro have started Tu m’ in 1998 (named after Marcel Duchamp’s last painting) and since then released several critically acclaimed records on labels such as Phtalo, ERS/Staalplaat, Fällt, Aesova and BOXmedia. They have recently started Steno with Frank Metzger of Oval (debut LP coming soon on the En/Of label). They have collaborated with Steve Roden for an album release on Rossbin and are currently working with Simon Fisher Turner on some new tracks to be included on his forthcoming album on Mute Records. Additionally they run the CD-label Mr. Mutt (another Duchamp reference) and curate the  MP3-label Tu M’p3 releasing Soundtracks to webcam pictures by a diverse range of artists such as Donna Summer, Dälek, Chris Cutler, Noel Akchote, Farmers Manual, Voice Crack, Alan Licht, David Grubbs and Dekorder artists such as Voks, Un Caddie Renversé dans l’Herbe and Black to Comm. Their new album titled "Just One Night" still contains their trademark improvisations on guitars, alto sax, flutes, toy keyboards, alto flugelhorn, percussion, harmonica, etc. looped, processed and edited into compositions, combined with field recordings and the odd vinyl sample used occassionally. These raw materials are sculpted into beautifully melancholic songs all dealing with the "night" theme, making this their most coherent album yet. The album has been mastered by Marcus Schmickler (Pluramon, MIMEO, etc.). A new track by Tu m’ has appeared on the latest Wire Tapper compilation.
Cat. number: Dekorder 012
Year: 2005

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