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Fosil Sangiran

Khayal Kuno

Label: Helen Scarsdale Agency

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

In stock

Khayal Kuno represents one of several detours that Fosil Sangiran (Matt Shoemaker) undertook over his career. Instead of the long-now drone mutations, Shoemaker turns his attention to an interplay between warbling cassettes and primitive rhythm-box sequencing. The minimal, proto-techno explorations suitably evolve slowly out an initial dispersion bloom from swarms of cassette splutter and insect mimesis. Cast within his slinkies-as-spring-reverb contraptions that provided a signature Kirlian glow to his work, Shoemaker's foray into the realm of the rhythmic are masterful declarations of his under-recognized talents. Through his brilliant aptitude for cross-hatched filtering, spatialized modulation, and electro-magnetic tricknologies, his stark pulsations take on organic qualities through a surging fluidity and a varispeed vortex of blank hypnosis. His motorik pulsations recall a rich if elusive vein of taut, industrially minded electronica sculpted by Monoton, Nord, Omit, and Conrad Schnitzler at his most laser focused.
Cat. number: HMS046MC
Year: 2018

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