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Yan Tregger

L'Amour a La Bouche

Label: The Omega Productions Records

Format: CD

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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The Omega Productions Records is proud to present you for the Mannequin (L’Amour à la bouche • 1974) original motion picture soundtrack, composed by Yan Tregger. Distributed one year before the implementation of the French X law, Mannequin is the first erotic film directed by Gérard Kikoïne (Jess Franco or Claude Mulot editor). He’s famous today for his « films d’Amour » that he directed during the french porn golden age, some with Brigitte Lahaie or Marilyn Jess.

A few years before Education of the Baroness, this production offers a true vision of the aftermath May 68′ sexual liberation, between extravagant swingers and social debauchery This groovy soundtrack is composed by Yan Tregger, also known as Ted Scotto. If he isn’t the most well-knowed French musicians of his decade, his music is particularly related to the diggers’ culture and others underground library collectors. Composed during a pre-disco period for Montparnasse 2000, the album oscillates between nervous beats, funky strings, “à la Gainsbourg” bass-sounds and more intimate compositions inherited from Italy.

Directly restored from the Yan Tregger’s original master tapes.

Cat. number: TOP-014CD
Year: 2020

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