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La Terra

Label: GDR

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Finally repressed on CD, milestone reissue! This reissue is enriched by a booklet with rare and unreleased images, plus the bonustrack "Dagli Etruschi a Picasso", taken from the solo works of Walter Maioli, the true spiritual guide of Aktuala and still today a tireless investigator of extra-european music and culture. "La Terra" was released in 1974 and consolidated the fame and the harmony of Aktuala, more and more at the center of attention of critics and listeners, who used to attend their concerts 'on the road' rather than in the typical festival/venue environment; the album contains four long compositions in which the wide range of instruments and sounds has been blended to perfection, and is not affected in any way by Lino 'Capra' Vaccina and Laura Maioli leaving, promptly replaced by Otto Corrado Indian and Trilok Gurtu, now among the world leading experts of percussions.

Cat. number: GDRCD1103
Year: 2013

LTD 500 copies, digipack cd + booklet

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