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Italian Experimental Progressive

File under avantgarde, free-spirited, and creative music from the Italian Progressive scene

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Juri Camisasca

La Finestra Dentro (Lp)

Label: GDR

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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**2018 repress, blue vinyl, edition of 200** Vinyl release in a faithful replica of the original 1974 edition!! Aged 22, Juri Camisasca, a reclusive and mysterious musician, with help of his producer Franco Battiato, put out La Finestra Dentro eally isn’t what you’d call mainstream RPI, but rather a twisted, mysterious offshoot from the generally more outgoing and flamboyant Italian scene.
The collection of songs carries elements of folk with strong acid tendencies, all cast in the same eerie, suggestive and hypnotizing mold. Compositions are seemingly simple on the surface, featuring little more than acoustic guitar, stripped percussion and a simple bassline, with emphasis on patiently dragging you in to the aforementioned atmosphere rather than stun you with complexity and contagious melodies. The result is songs with relatively few rhythmical and structural changes, instead biased towards minute tweaks (often via guitars) - which makes you listen even more closely - and reinforcing feeling and imagery through bleak keyboard runs and effects. with who signed Juri to the label and produced the LP, also playing the VCS3 synth on it.

We are in the early '70s, years complex, rich socio-cultural changes and the music it is fully involved. In this climate of change, among countless musical proposals that offer a “new” way of making and understanding music, it looks with cockiness also a Milanese boy, in his early twenties: Roberto “Juri” Camisasca.This encounter with the genius of Franco Battiato, which occurred during military service, to introduce Juri Camisasca in the music world, that of Bla Bla by Pino Massara, very careful label in the field of “different music”.Far from the classic songwriter figure, Camisasca is actually an investigator in the strict sense, an artist who loves to overcome the rules (in the wake of Battiato) and it does creating a visionary album. In his texts you can see two overriding guidelines: an “other” world, surreal, hiding between the lines, the ugliness that beset the man and the relationship with himself and with others, and the beginning of a search interior that will take him a few years later to take the monastic path (and the album title is a very explicit indication to that effect).

The arrangements of the songs often minimalist, appearing, for a careless eye, devoid of structure, are extremely functional reality in the construction of various sound episodes and, while it is useful in allowing ample space and prominence to the scratchy voice and hypnotic and “special” texts Camisasca, the other notes describe the various states of mind, the artist and the protagonists of the stories, and paint with sounds different landscapes in which stories develop.P romoter “Camisasca initiative”, as mentioned, is Franco Battiato who, in addition to playing the VCS3 and keyboards on the album, is also the producer with Pino Massara (appears also on keyboards).

The Sicilian artist, moreover, “is bringing” some of his collaborators: Gianni Mocchetti (guitar, bass), Gianfranco D'Adda (drums, percussion) and Lino “Capra” Vaccina (percussion). The “team” is completed with the participation of Maurizio Petra (guitar, sometimes mentioned as Maurizio Petrò), Mario Lp (guitar), Marco Ravasio (cello), Antonella and Rossella Conz (voices). Camisasca The same also appears as a guitarist.An honest man. Just the opening track to sense the type of lysergic journey where we will be caught up for about forty minutes. A synth, percussion and guitar is entrusted with the accompaniment of the “Voice delusions” Camisasca. His voice breaks through the clouds as his words guide us on a journey “decadent and acid” within the human body, showing us the malaise that thoughts (mice) create in the artist. No doubt the most extreme album and visionary 70s from Italy. Totally Essential


Cat. number: 1101 LP
Year: 2018

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