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Félix Fénéon, Nurse With Wound

Lea Tanttaaria / Great-God-Father-Nieces

Label: Lenka lente


Genre: Electronic

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Another Lenka Lente book/CD combo where you get to discover that ‘Les Ventres et Autre Contes’ translates as ‘The Bellies and Other Stories’ and that Félix Fénéon was an Italian anarchist, art critic and literary stylist with a tremendous goatee beard who didn’t like the portrait that Paul Signac painted of him because he painted it in profile, not face on as requested, but he hung it on his wall anyway.

 Five short stories here that first saw the light of day in various French literary magazines circa the late 19th century.

Cat. number: lkl-l09
Year: 2016

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