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No-Neck Blues Band

Letters From The Serth

Label: Sound@One

Format: CD

Genre: Rock

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This re-release of 1998's Letters From The Serth is a sequential follow-up to the monolithic double CD Letters From The Earth, as it was recorded exactly one year to the day later (Orthodox Easter, 1997), at the same location - on the roof of their building in Chinatown in the afternoon. It's only a single CD this time because as you'll hear at the end, it's starts raining. It features the regular No Neck Blues Band line-up, plus their newest member, the enigmatic Japanese dancer/icon, Michiko. The usual No Neck packaging with no indication of artist name, title or catalogue number, just a beautiful colour-pencil sketch on the front, not dissimilar to the Parallel Easters cover.
Cat. number: S@1 42
Year: 2003