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Bernard Heidsieck

Lettre à Brion Gysin

Label: Al Dante

Format: CD

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zonked 1974 recording of an extended “sound-letter to brion gysin” by pioneering sound-poet bernard heidsieck, here aided on voice by françoise janicot, laurence lacina, ricky stein, and recently unearthed musician ariel kalma (via beta-lactam ring’s reissue of his “osmose” lp) on saxophone.
the levels of insanity get pretty damn high on this one (listen to the sound sample!) with un-related sound-events firing off in each of the stereo channels for the duration. parts echo the spiritual highs of free-jazz, others the scorched-throat of any number of contemporary vocal-noise acts. eye-opening, to say the least...(K.F.Withman, Mimaroglu)
Cat. number: AD 24
Year: 1970