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Raoul Hausmann

Une anthologie poétique

Label: Al Dante

Format: CD+Book

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

An awesome edition by the well-known artist and 'Une anthologie poétique' with 'RH l'optophonétiste' by Isabelle Maunet+ CD with 'RLQS poème en trois cascades' (1947), 'Interview avec les lettristes' (1946), 'Sound-rel' (1919). These works rotate around the notion of synaesthesia, both in the sense of a harmony between the senses, and also, so to speak, in preparation for new sensory environments, of which there were more to come during the twentieth century. In contrast to the alleged revelations the new instrument was to bring, examples from Hausmann’s photomontage technique and his optophonetic poetry.
Cat. number: isbn 9782849571101
Year: 2007

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